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Peter Cross

Creative Director:

Olena Cross

Development Team:

Peter Cross

Tony Wiethoff

          PETER CROSS



 Peter is a 20 year software industry vet, having spent time in both the semiconductor automation development space as well as a few years working on applications for healthcare.    He has a passion for filmmaking so when VR came along, he felt it would be perfect avenue for exploring numerous creative ideas.   He is proud alum (undergrad and graduate, respectively) of both UCF (CS: Go Knights) and Arizona State (IE: Go Devils).   In his spare time, he loves to travel the world with his beautiful wife, Olena.



Tony has been lucky enough to work in lots of fun jobs. He built solutions for robotic transportation to financial simulation to optimization predictive tools and manufacturing tools.  He enjoys mentoring teams and is a judge for the International Science and Engineering fair. 



Lena's passion for creative artistry led her to the natural role of leading design efforts for many of the other-worldly aspects of Cross-Media production titles.    She loves all the facets of  architecting new worlds, and looks forward to using all the tools VR/AR offer to better articulate her vision.   She received her Bachelor’s degree of science in nursing , and her Master's in engineering.   She has a strong interest in exploring usage models of VR/AR in the medical profession.